About FINNBAY Volunteers

Welcome to the official FINNBAY Volunteers page on WordPress. Content of this page is solely published by former and current volunteers from FINNBAY.

Volunteers of FINNBAY hope to touch on other hearts to invite them to integrate into FINNBAY family.

FINNBAY family consists of loyal, professional and disciplined individuals who are well aware of ethics of journalism and humanism.


Finland’s diamond FINNBAY features news, events, directories, guides, booking, jobs, and dating. FINNBAY is a mass media firm from Finland.

FINNBAY or Finn bay or Finn-bay creates and distributes industry-leading content across a variety of platforms to audiences around the world.

FINNBAY Finland covers, analyzes, comments on, and defines the news, business, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, dating and personalities that drive FINNBAY’s Finland.

FINNBAY print version has a circulation of over 15.000 copies all over in Finland and in Russia (Saint Petersburg and Moscow) each month. Its daily updated online version is accessible worldwide 24/7.

FINNBAY’s coverage of global news is rooted in the principles of Global Political Economy (GPE) and its sub-cultures. The firm publishes news that are related to the relations between governments, companies and international organisations.



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