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Writer Review: Experience in Writing FINNBAY’s International Political Economy Column

I started writing international political economy articles for FINNBAY while still a masters student at LSE. From the start, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much autonomy I had in the subjects I wrote about and the approach I took. Being trusted so implicitly made writing my article a joy.

Less than a year after starting at FINNBAY, I was offered the unmissable opportunity of going on a press trip to Germany and writing a travel article about the Rhine River Valley. Travel writing has always been my goal but it always seemed so unattainable. But once again, Onur Yalcintas trusted me to take on this new challenge and it resulted in the most rewarding experience of my writing career.


Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

A Finn Volunteering at Finnbay is No Difference to a Foreigner

I am (i think) one of the newest volunteers at FINNBAY and I am totally happy with everything so far. We have two Finns in the team and I am one of them.

I do features and travel articles at Finnbay. I got some travel experiences (all free – in 5 star hotels!) and write occasionally in the opinion section. I mostly deal with Bruce and occasionally Onur. I am happy that they started this venture as I believe this was a serious need.

To be honest, I hated the first edition (prior to September 13) where it featured blog posts (and apparently these expat bloggers spammed Finnbay with their duplicate posts from their blogs without telling Onur or anyone else). This is bad for google also as it will not rank the website by categorizing it as duplicate.

After those bloggers were sacked, Finnbay got its original material and now I am proud to be included here. I have no opposition to bloggers but come on anyone can create a blog in 1 minute and pretend like they are someone (in fact, no one reads or cares what they write) – false celebrity feeling.

Anyways, I wanted to write here to be part of this section and also to let future volunteers/workers know how it feels like being part of Finnbay.


Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

My Experience in FINNBAY

My name is Luis Merino from Mexico, I joined the team early March, since then all have been a great time !

Finnbay has been absolutely the starting door of many great experiences in the media area for me. Since 2009 I have been studying Finnish language and never thought that I’d need to use it away from Finland, but in Finnbay as a volunteer writer I’ve been using it.

Onur Yalcintas is absolutely a great leader in this project, he explained me very clear all what I needed to do for join this great family and once I got in, to work for him and all the Finnbay team, has been awesome.

My skills in languages have been proved many times, is not so simple to translate a note from Finnish and then to English, you really need to focus pretty well in every single word. I feel very grateful with this chance that Onur gave to me.

I hope to keep in this line, helping from the other side of the world, to give new information and personal experience about Finland


Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

Finnbay: One of the Best Places for Newly Post Graduates

At the first sight at Finnbay‘s job ad for Advertising Specialist, I knew that “This is it!” and grabbed the chance.

Even until now I still have no doubt that I made the right choice. Everybody I have connected to such as Bruce, or Onur the director, have been always so friendly and supportive. My replies came fast, sometimes immediately.

I didn’t have many experiences in the field, but Director Onur dedicated his precious time to train and tutor me with patience. From being a zero, in such a short time I’ve become someone with some experiences which could be so precious and hard to get from other places.

Finnbay is truly one of the best places for newly post graduates like me.

The requirement of my job included a thorough understanding of what we have here at Finnbay, and the more I dug in, the more I found myself attracted to Finnbay. It is not just a very interesting newspaper or magazine, Finnbay is something bigger that follows a great business philosophy and contribute so much for the society of Finland. That did make me feel even better about this whole team that I’m working with. Better motivation means better results.

In conclusion, other guys have already written a lot of things with which I 100% agree, therefore this should be it. It was and it is a great pleasure for me to work here at Finnbay!