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FINNBAY Review: FINNBAY = Awesome Experience

I have been writing for Finnbay for a while and thought that it would be good to mention it here. 

What is FINNBAY?

Finnbay is basically a source for foreigners and others to find info while they are in Finland. From news, features to directories, cool articles (like mine) to classifieds etc are all there at Finnbay 🙂 This of course is different than what the volunteer guy Reid Cherlin announced when he was leaving his post as assistant press secretary at the White House to become a writer to nymag. 🙂

My Articles at FINNBAY Finland

Anyways, I have had at least three pieces published by Finnbay since the start:

2 magazine articles and 1 news.

I have to say that it is pretty cool to be published. You see hundreds of people visiting and learning from your insights. And I have to say that I am pretty amazed with FINNBAY’s reach.

I raised an issue with finnbay that they need to create a blog page where they can talk about their new features as well as giving some voice to their readership. I mean I am happy with the way things are but I think Finnbay needs to give it a nudge with the social media. Currently FINNBAY does not care about the social media and finds it repulsive…

Experience with FINNBAY on this

When I spoke to Bruce, he said that he doesn’t trust Facebook. Even Apple does not publish anything on facebook. Ok. It’s true but we are not as big as Apple.

To be honest, I quite like the experience volunteering at FINNBAY. It is very rewarding. For example, imagine your articles are published in one of the best outlets in the world like WSJ!!!

Finnbay’s area is not that competitive in Finland. Well there are other 2 news websites but still. If you want to talk about a competitive niche, then you would have to start talking about online gaming. While gaming isn’t as big in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world, there are plenty of review sites out there. Many of them will break down their niche sites based on specific games, like roulette.

Anyways, i hope you like the series and i will surely publish more at FINNBAY to let you know!

Love from Helsinki!

– Jake