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Finnbay: One of the Best Places for Newly Post Graduates

At the first sight at Finnbay‘s job ad for Advertising Specialist, I knew that “This is it!” and grabbed the chance.

Even until now I still have no doubt that I made the right choice. Everybody I have connected to such as Bruce, or Onur the director, have been always so friendly and supportive. My replies came fast, sometimes immediately.

I didn’t have many experiences in the field, but Director Onur dedicated his precious time to train and tutor me with patience. From being a zero, in such a short time I’ve become someone with some experiences which could be so precious and hard to get from other places.

Finnbay is truly one of the best places for newly post graduates like me.

The requirement of my job included a thorough understanding of what we have here at Finnbay, and the more I dug in, the more I found myself attracted to Finnbay. It is not just a very interesting newspaper or magazine, Finnbay is something bigger that follows a great business philosophy and contribute so much for the society of Finland. That did make me feel even better about this whole team that I’m working with. Better motivation means better results.

In conclusion, other guys have already written a lot of things with which I 100% agree, therefore this should be it. It was and it is a great pleasure for me to work here at Finnbay!