Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

My Experience in FINNBAY

My name is Luis Merino from Mexico, I joined the team early March, since then all have been a great time !

Finnbay has been absolutely the starting door of many great experiences in the media area for me. Since 2009 I have been studying Finnish language and never thought that I’d need to use it away from Finland, but in Finnbay as a volunteer writer I’ve been using it.

Onur Yalcintas is absolutely a great leader in this project, he explained me very clear all what I needed to do for join this great family and once I got in, to work for him and all the Finnbay team, has been awesome.

My skills in languages have been proved many times, is not so simple to translate a note from Finnish and then to English, you really need to focus pretty well in every single word. I feel very grateful with this chance that Onur gave to me.

I hope to keep in this line, helping from the other side of the world, to give new information and personal experience about Finland


Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

Finnbay: One of the Best Places for Newly Post Graduates

At the first sight at Finnbay‘s job ad for Advertising Specialist, I knew that “This is it!” and grabbed the chance.

Even until now I still have no doubt that I made the right choice. Everybody I have connected to such as Bruce, or Onur the director, have been always so friendly and supportive. My replies came fast, sometimes immediately.

I didn’t have many experiences in the field, but Director Onur dedicated his precious time to train and tutor me with patience. From being a zero, in such a short time I’ve become someone with some experiences which could be so precious and hard to get from other places.

Finnbay is truly one of the best places for newly post graduates like me.

The requirement of my job included a thorough understanding of what we have here at Finnbay, and the more I dug in, the more I found myself attracted to Finnbay. It is not just a very interesting newspaper or magazine, Finnbay is something bigger that follows a great business philosophy and contribute so much for the society of Finland. That did make me feel even better about this whole team that I’m working with. Better motivation means better results.

In conclusion, other guys have already written a lot of things with which I 100% agree, therefore this should be it. It was and it is a great pleasure for me to work here at Finnbay!


Finnbay Finland Experiences What is Finnbay really? What are the experiences with Finnbay?
Experience with Finnbay, Finnbay Finland

My Working Experience with Finnbay

My experience with Finnbay started when I emailed Bruce on ways to integrate my astro / pop-culture writings to a classy outlet: Finnbay. It was a warm welcome from him and later on met with Onur and others at Finnbay. Simply it has been an awesome experience for me to work at Finnbay.

I love writing. In Finland, I have my full time job and I occasionally travel back home (Australia). My full time job is not related to writing and I cannot afford to lose my journalistic side. Here and there I find the chance to put something together to publish it on Finnbay and when I see it referenced in the media here in Oz, or see in Academic networks, that’s an awesome feeling!

Finnbay is like any other places: what you give is what you get!

For those who consider being a team member at Finnbay: it is not as easy as it used to be. As I say above, what you give is what you get. After contributing to Finnbay for more than 6 months I am now eligible to hold my own projects and hire other staff members to help me and do their own thing.

Onur is warm-hearted when it comes to welcoming people to the team compared to myself and he will okay pretty much any 🙂 This is where we fight all the time! He knows that the time has proven again and again that – I am right! For me, I wish to work with people who are loyal, self-disciplined, creative, and self-sufficient journalists – a writer who needs a channel, a home. When you have many readers, advertisers will specifically come to your article not for Finnbay as a whole – as you can see this in real life by visiting few pages!

Our target at Finnbay

Our target audience at Finnbay is the bunch that are Master’s and above – those who are in a decision-making position. Are we a snob? Maybe.

In relation to news, we really care about touching the hearts of the leading people and organisations – that’s why we are mentioned by OECD, WSJ, the Economist, World Bank and the UN and so on. Shh.. not even 1 single Finnish media outlet (except YLE once in OECD) was referenced by any of the above! See what I am saying?

Contributing to Finnbay

I see Contributing to Finnbay (well established by now compared to its beginnings) has many rewards in getting your name out there.

1) You are mentioned in top organisations cause of Finnbay.

2) I am Australian and not 1 Finnish media outlet name has been heard in the US/Aussie media but Finnbay! Finnbay has achieved this in just over 7 months!

3) Your CV flourishes when you volunteer for Finnbay. When you put down Finnbay on your CV along with how many times it was mentioned in international media, any international NGO will strive to have you! True Story!

4) Finally, you will have a backup for life!

I select for Finnbay

Before joining Finnbay, from the scandal at Sydney Town Hall to the chaos after that terrible winter, there wasn’t a single story that I wasn’t on top of. While I was the new kid on the block, I managed to retain and build an ever-growing readership due to undeniably quality reporting. Then I earned a lot! Not a single media outlet I worked for gave me the money I wanted but my readers. 

Suggestions for new journalists at Finnbay

That’s why I keep saying to new-bie(s) at Finnbay: focus on your own thing! Finnbay or WSJ or others are not a magician to make your “writing” something ‘more’ than what it really is. Because it is all up to you! That’s all you have.

Of course, you need a trusted international outlet like Finnbay for credibility, reaching-out to masses and something to call home with other team members through strict loyalty. As a team, all of your writings benefit each other! Thus, blogging is never for the smart unless you are a celeb like a singer, writer, director (film, or company, or NGO etc.), Minister, or “someone” everyone (more than millions) knows and talks about every day. Otherwise, the reality is, no one will read and enjoy reading, “how delicious your omelet was this morning”.

I hope I have given you some insight on my experiences in working at Finnbay, what is valued at Finnbay, what I value and a tiny secret in being a successful writer in this digital age.

– Charlotte

Finnbay Finland

FINNBAY Review: FINNBAY = Awesome Experience

I have been writing for Finnbay for a while and thought that it would be good to mention it here. 

What is FINNBAY?

Finnbay is basically a source for foreigners and others to find info while they are in Finland. From news, features to directories, cool articles (like mine) to classifieds etc are all there at Finnbay 🙂 This of course is different than what the volunteer guy Reid Cherlin announced when he was leaving his post as assistant press secretary at the White House to become a writer to nymag. 🙂

My Articles at FINNBAY Finland

Anyways, I have had at least three pieces published by Finnbay since the start:

2 magazine articles and 1 news.

I have to say that it is pretty cool to be published. You see hundreds of people visiting and learning from your insights. And I have to say that I am pretty amazed with FINNBAY’s reach.

I raised an issue with finnbay that they need to create a blog page where they can talk about their new features as well as giving some voice to their readership. I mean I am happy with the way things are but I think Finnbay needs to give it a nudge with the social media. Currently FINNBAY does not care about the social media and finds it repulsive…

Experience with FINNBAY on this

When I spoke to Bruce, he said that he doesn’t trust Facebook. Even Apple does not publish anything on facebook. Ok. It’s true but we are not as big as Apple.

To be honest, I quite like the experience volunteering at FINNBAY. It is very rewarding. For example, imagine your articles are published in one of the best outlets in the world like WSJ!!!

Finnbay’s area is not that competitive in Finland. Well there are other 2 news websites but still. If you want to talk about a competitive niche, then you would have to start talking about online gaming. While gaming isn’t as big in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world, there are plenty of review sites out there. Many of them will break down their niche sites based on specific games, like roulette.

Anyways, i hope you like the series and i will surely publish more at FINNBAY to let you know!

Love from Helsinki!

– Jake