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My Experience in FINNBAY

My name is Luis Merino from Mexico, I joined the team early March, since then all have been a great time !

Finnbay has been absolutely the starting door of many great experiences in the media area for me. Since 2009 I have been studying Finnish language and never thought that I’d need to use it away from Finland, but in Finnbay as a volunteer writer I’ve been using it.

Onur Yalcintas is absolutely a great leader in this project, he explained me very clear all what I needed to do for join this great family and once I got in, to work for him and all the Finnbay team, has been awesome.

My skills in languages have been proved many times, is not so simple to translate a note from Finnish and then to English, you really need to focus pretty well in every single word. I feel very grateful with this chance that Onur gave to me.

I hope to keep in this line, helping from the other side of the world, to give new information and personal experience about Finland


Finnbay Finland

Jolly Review of FINNBAY: Cheers from Team Finnbay!

I joined Finnbay purely on voluntary basis. Finnbay is a platform for expats in Finland as well as natives who are keen to have an overview of what challenges, issues and hurdles a typical expat would face in this unique country. I have written a few articles both critical and otherwise.

The team is great to work along with especially the director, Onur, whom I have found to be very open and at the same time very sensible and professional person.

I have not met the entire team in person yet I have a strong feeling of comradeship.

Finnbay is growing fast because it is not a typical magazine. It has much more to offer. Typically, one would find socio-econimic topics, personal experiences, classifieds, tips for tourism — you name it.

I have always been appreciative of the fact that the team is dedicated and we try our best to highlight both sides of the picture when it comes to life in Finland.

Hard work and dedications surely pays off and Finnbay provides strong evidence.

I am pleased to be a part of a dedicated and friendly team who are working (with out a trace of doubt) for the betterment of the Finnish society.

And yeah, I surely intend to be a part of this fantastic team even when I am gone from here.

Cheers from Oulu!

Cheers from Team Finnbay!!!!!!